Since 1965

Today Ensurent represents an alliance of manufacturers, online sales promotion entities and distribution companies, focusing on consumer replacement products.

Starting as a manufacturer for health and wellness products in 1965, Ensurent continues to evolve. 

●  2010 engaged alliance partners for manufacturing, distributing and online sales management of branded and generic consumer replacement products

●  2008 started managing 3rd party products and intellectual properties of small entities to Fortune 500 companies, while providing risk management services

●  2004 started the Alliance of Online Stores and Distribution division

●  2002 ushered in the manufacture, sales and distribution of 3rd party products

●  2000 acquisition of the company by current members to implement a new strategic focus to re-brand the company

●  In 1992, the  Veterinary and Animal Products subsidiary was created 



Combining large volume resourcefulness and relationships with Brand owners and managers, everyone wins more revenue and satisfied customers.

It’s no secret that the newer online sales models necessitates a more savvy and efficient approach to customer purchasing psychology and product distribution.

 – The Ensuret Team